USA Insurance Network
Welcome to the first and only website providing immediate access to a countrywide organization of local, highly-qualified independent agencies, with each offering over 700 types of insurance coverages.

The creation of the USA Insurance Network brings an entirely new perspective to the idea of a countrywide insurance network. USA Insurance Network, with its eventual total of 1600 independent agencies, each representing a territory of approximately 200,000 population, offers the insurance seeker a marketplace choice from a checklist of all coverages. At any time, you can link, live, to the USA Insurance Network agency serving the location of the risk.

A choice of over 700 insurance coverages – the most extensive network

In addition to the “regular” insurance coverages offered by other independent agencies, the USA Insurance Network provides access to over 700 “specialty coverages.”

When you link to the USA Insurance Network agency of your choice you’ll not only be able to see the basic coverages offered by and through that agency, but also to access practically any type of risk, read the definition of the risk, and then see the insurance coverages offered.

For a growing number of these risks, you will be able to access a “videocast”, where professionals explain the insurance involved, then connect you directly back to the sponsoring agency.

To choose the coverages offered by USA Insurance Network agencies, see the “coverages” section, below.

Choose your Agency

Using the US Google Maps you will find in any of the “Insurance Coverages” sections (below) you can choose any USA Insurance Network independent agency…with the location of the risk(s) to be insured normally the deciding factor. In locations where there is more than one territory (generally in larger cities), the visitor is shown all of the MMM agencies specific to that location. You can then select any particular agency desired, or can click on any or all of them to see which agency interaction is desired.

The visitor can then view specific information about the agency and its capacity.

The visitor can then select, on the agency’s website home page, any of the coverages offered by the agency.

To view the list of specialty coverages, including access to the Product Knowledge Videos, click on the “Specialty Coverages” link on the agency’s Home Page. 

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Look at your insurance coverage choices by clicking on the categories below.

Step 2

Find a USA Insurance Network agency in your area—just click on the map.

Step 3

Click on “more details” for direct access to the agency of your choice!

Insurance Coverages

Commercial Insurance

The most common business/commercial insurance coverages

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance for all your needs!

Specialty Insurance

Over 700 specialty insurance coverages!