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The USA Insurance Network brings an entirely new perspective to the idea of a nationwide insurance network. The USA Insurance Network presents the consumer with a full marketplace choice of coverages. At any time, you can directly visit the website of the nearest USA Insurance Network agency to serve your risk needs.

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After viewing your choice of over 800+ insurance coverages, click on the agency link in your geographical territory, and you’re immediately connected to the assigned agency in that location.

Each agency in our network is well-qualified to meet your insurance needs, and each Specially Market Provider (wholesaler or general agency) has been selected because of experience and professional background in the exclusive coverages represented below.

Each Provider also offers a variety of additional coverages. You can view these and a variety of other services by clicking on the individual Specialty Markets Providers logos shown at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: The USA Insurance Network SMP’s do not sell directly to any prospect, but only sell through agencies. If you are interested in additional coverages or services, select your local USA Insurance Network agency on the map for the information you need.

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Click the image for the BKCW Insurance page below to see how specialty coverages are explained and linked on USA Insurance Network Agencies’ websites.


Each USA Insurance Network agency has been in business for five years or longer and has been chosen because they are a reliable representative for your insurance needs. The Network agencies average well above$5 million in annual premium volume sales.

Once you select the agency closest to you, click to learn more about that agency, and to request the information you want.  Finding coverage for your specialty needs has never been easier! USA Insurance Network agencies offer access to over 800 kinds of specialty coverages, and each agency is ready to work with you.

Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance coverages are those not normally offered by “standard” insurers. There are over 800 coverages usually considered “specialties”.

Each Specially Market Provider also offers a variety of additional coverages.

Whether you want to find a coverage on an agency website or go directly to the SMP for even more possibilities, you can use the Network map to click on your local Network agency and be immediately connected to their website.

Note that the Specialty Markets Providers are also shown for each coverage. To find even more coverages and services offered by those SMP’s, scroll down to the last section on this USA Insurance Network website.

Insurance Coverages
Suggested Consumer Insurance Coverages and Sponsor Spotlights

Commercial Insurance

The most common business/commercial insurance coverages

Personal Insurance

Personal insurance for all your needs!

Specialty Insurance

Over 700 specialty insurance coverages!

Sponsor Spotlight: Sports & Recreation Insurance

Superior protection and savings delivered with speed and convenience.

Sponsor Spotlight: Flood Insurance

Sponsor Spotlight: OSHAlogs

Specialty insurance coverages and programs are offered by the independent agencies that market/sell those insurance products. Provided by general agencies, managing general agencies, wholesalers, program managers, etc., these coverages come from companies known as “Specialty Market Providers” or “Business Sponsors.” These SMP’s offer several coverages above and beyond what is featured through the USA Insurance Network agencies. Look below at the lists of those of some of the other coverages or programs each of our partners offers, then click on their websites. If you find coverages in which you are interested or have any questions, contact your local USA Insurance Network agency.