After over five years of development, USA Insurance Network was launched to enhance the independent agency’s experience in managing risks and securing the best coverages for their clients.

The average client today lives in an “Instant Everything” world.  Finding and sharing the best risk solution and provider immediately is critical. A secondary role of the website to link you with the nearest registered agency.

USA Insurance Network is a complete one-stop Insurance Marketplace designed to answer your questions about risk protection and how to gain assistance. It is the only “Marketinder” on the web that offers explanations of practically all coverages, then links to our registered agencies that work with a market provider “sponsoring” the requested coverages on the network system. It does all this instantly.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Instant help in managing a risk
  • Links to the nearest USA IN registered agency
  • Explanations of coverages for every type of insurance
    • Standard Property & Casualty like auto & home
    • Small Business coverages
    • Life & Health Insurance
    • Employee Benefits
    • Specialty Coverages
  • Access to a resources site that is FREE to the user.
  • Resources to enhance the performance and profitability of member agencies

We want you to be fully informed, while also introducing you to the skilled agency producer to review your risks and develop a plan to bring you the best solution possible.

Our vision and mission:

We want our agencies to have access to the support and training they need. A wealth of resources is made available so hat the agency you are linked to has all the requisite knowledge and skill to resolve all the risks you face in life.

Our team constantly strives to make our website easy to use and effective in meeting your needs. Do let us know if there is any way we can improve your experience.