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The USA Insurance Network® provides independent agencies the ability to show, market, and even sell a broad range of insurance coverages utilizing an integrated online platform.

Free benefits include:

  1. Linking to the Network right from your own website.
  2. Adding your agency’s contact information and a link to your website on the platform’s Agency Locator used by consumers to identify an agency in their targeted geographic location.
  3. Immediate access to Market Providers for in-depth explanations of sponsored coverages, quoting capabilities, applications, and more.
  1. Access to the Rough Notes Insurance Marketplace of over 800 specialty coverages in addition to those offered by top Market Providers and carriers.
  2. Marketing materials, product knowledge videos, and educational tools available to your agency team via our Marketing Dashboard.
  3. Weekly Thursday BRIEF - our easy-reading newsletter keeping you and your team up to date on Network services and growth, new coverages, marketing ideas, and more.

There is no requirement for your agency to place any business generated via the Network with any particular Market Provider.

Register Online

Agency Registration is easy and only requires that you complete the registration form below. Then you will be provided with log in credentials and instructions on linking to the Network, and added to the Agency Locator.

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