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You sight down your rifle, watching as the bear dexterously pulls out another honey super.  Most bears will simply tear a hive apart in search of the brood.  But there’s something endearing about the way this one gingerly unpacks the hive one layer at a time.  You steel your grip.  You’re in the right.  Even your lawmakers say you can shoot a bear that won’t heed an electric fence, which this one won’t.  Repeatedly.  Odd that it never takes the bacon you’ve laid across the wire.  Every beekeeper says that’s the surest way to train a bear.  Not this one. 

Honey production hasn’t exactly been the bee’s knees lately.  You’ve endured drought-based production losses, wax moths, sick queens.  You’ve taken a spill off your truck trying to wrestle a honey drum, crushing several ribs.  And your new box of queens.  This season has almost been too much to bear.  But you just can’t pull the trigger. 

How sweet it is that your apiary policy affords you a plan B.

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Anhydrous Ammonia Dealers & Haulers Liability; Beekeepers Insurance; Crop Dusting and Spraying; Custom Harvesting Operations; Farm Feed, Fertilizer, Seeds & Supplies; Farm Implement Dealers; Farm Labor Contractors; Farms and Ranch Properties; Fertilizer Manufacturers; Grain Elevators; Hail Insurance on Growing Crops; Multiple Peril Crop Insurance.


Arborists; Christmas Tree Lots; Farmers Markets; Foresters Errors and Omissions; Horticultural Risks; Nurseries; Seed Merchants Errors and Omissions; Soil Engineers Professional Liability.