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You and several of your closest business associates and friends have taken a moment to toast the prowess of your new Gulfstream G600 as it concludes its first trans-Pacific voyage.   As your raised glasses meet with a congratulatory clink, your bold course suddenly meets a flock of migrating birds, a number of which disappear down the twin engines. 

The ensuing rapid descent results in spilled drinks, broken glasses, the ruination of laptops and designer suits, as well as bruises to the staff and several egos.  Your seasoned pilot makes a successful if not harrowing emergency landing at the expense of an oil palm plantation.  Hopefully you’re not so far out in the jungle as to warrant search and rescue, and hopefully your best client’s missing prized Pomeranian will turn up soon.

Luckily, your aircraft policy is going to help you soar above all of this. 

One of our experienced network agencies can help you navigate the complexities of aviation coverages and create a customized portfolio to suit your specific needs.