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Your flight to Europe is about to take off and so is your professional career.  Your 17th century cello is buckled into the seat next to you.  Visions of the Vienna’s Golden Hall dance in your head accompanied by the Rachmaninoff sonata you’ll be performing.  Your reverie is interrupted by a flight attendant at your side, who states that your instrument is too big for the flight and will have to ride as checked luggage. 

Your protest that you bought an extra seat for the instrument falls on deaf ears.  She responds that if the cello isn’t checked, both of you will be removed from the flight.  Tomorrow’s performance is sold out.  There’s no time to find another flight, or to be detained at the airport.  So you bid your instrument adieu, and hope that it’s treated with the respect it deserves. 

You wait anxiously at the baggage claim for your case, but it never shows.  Eventually, after inquiry, you are handed your case along with an embarrassed cough and a muttered statement that your cello doesn’t qualify for frequent flier miles.  The lid is off of its hinges and the case halves are bound together with a piece of string. 

Emotion rises in your throat, but even if it’s curtains for your cello, you won’t miss a beat because it’s covered.


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art & instruments

Art Collections; Art Galleries; High Value Fine Art; High Value Collectibles; Musical Instrument Floaters; Negative Film Insurance.


Community Theaters; Dance Schools; Film and TV Producers Errors and Omissions; Film and TV Producers Indemnity (Cast Insurance); Film Schools Student Productions; Film/Movie Production Insurance; Foreign Film Production; Musicians; Theater Groups.

Artisans & Professionals

Glassworkers; Foundries; Photographers Errors and Omissions; Printers Errors and Omissions; Publisher’s Liability.