Medical Tourism

There are health care options beyond the borders of the United States. Individuals who travel abroad for medical treatment have some very specific accident and disability insurance needs. Most of them use facilitators to arrange and handle the many details related to travel, health care facilities, recovery, and any needed rehabilitation. These facilitators need liability coverage if their negligence in … Read More

Business Travel Accident

This is travel protection insurance for business executives, and employees. Full- and part-time employees and volunteers who work for nonprofit groups can also be covered. The three classes of coverage available are (1) travel in both the United States and overseas; (2) travel within North America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean; and (3) errands and minimal … Read More

Celebrity or Spokesperson Death, Disability or Disgrace

Marketing promoters can purchase insurance coverage that protects them from financial losses when a celebrity or a spokesperson dies, becomes disabled, or falls out of the public’s favor because of certain activities that result in his or her disgrace. Well-publicized problems with a number of sports figures, actors, and other celebrities highlight the need for such coverage. It covers net … Read More

High Limit Disability

Corporate executives and professionals earn income that greatly exceeds the maximum disability benefits that traditional carriers provide. This coverage solves this shortfall with limits sufficiently high to provide the income protection these individuals require. Coverage can be provided as either a top-up limit in excess of an existing long-term disability product or as a separate coverage form for the entire … Read More

Special Risks Accident Insurance

Special risks accident insurance provides Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) coverage and medical expenses for unusual risks. Examples include accident coverage for race drivers at famous races; income protection if a top motion picture and/or Broadway star is injured; AD&D and blanket medical reimbursement coverage on astronauts or officers and crew-members on nuclear submarines; special accident policies on professional sports … Read More

War Risk Accident Insurance

This is travel insurance for persons who work or travel in war risk areas. It may be purchased by a single individual or by a group. It covers accidental death, dismemberment, or disability to civilians who work or travel in areas of the world that are in (or at risk of) conflict. Businesses that send representatives to combat areas or … Read More

Truckers Occupational Accident/Workers Compensation

This coverage is sold through trucking companies and covers the owners/operators who contract with them. The trucking company passes the premiums on to the insured truckers. Certain states require that trucking companies provide workers compensation for their contracted drivers and the carriers that provide the occupational accident coverage may provide that mandatory coverage.

Student Accident Insurance

Student accident and youth group accident coverages are written by certain insurers that specialize in such insurance or that have independent divisions that can handle a large number of policies with small premiums. Student accident insurance is usually arranged through schools and colleges under a group coverage approach with coverage for each student being voluntary. Coverage is written for blanket … Read More

Excess Medical Stop Loss Coverage–Self–Insured Risks

Stop loss insurance for self-funded employee benefit plans varies with the size of the insured group and the individual client’s plan requirements. The package of benefits can include aggregate and specific stop loss insurance, medical conversion for terminating employees, group life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), and a fully insured short-term disability plan.

Firefighters Accident, Death and Disability Coverage

Firefighters face hazards and exposures that require special accident and health policies. Policies are available that compensate for accidental death, dismemberment, permanent disability, and certain specified diseases. Members of fire departments who respond to fire alarms or perform other firefighting duties are usually eligible for these coverages. Some insurers offer premium discounts for associations of fire departments. First-aid units or … Read More