Water Parks Insurance

Water parks are water-oriented amusement parks. A water park may be a stand-alone park or be part of a municipal park or a for-profit amusement park. They may include water slides, water tunnels, swimming pools, wave pools, artificial rivers, and other attractions.

Skating Centers (Roller and Ice)

Skating rinks, like other public places of amusement such as amusement parks, ballparks, ski areas, and swimming pools present serious liability exposures due to injuries to participants and spectators. The property exposures are also significant due to large open areas and the equipment needed to maintain the rinks.

Amusement Devices – Coin Operated

This class of business can be difficult to place. The popularity of coin-operated amusement devices has spread from amusement parks and carnivals to supermarkets, public parks, and shopping centers. Most standard markets are concerned with them because they are usually unattended and this concern has created a non standard market.

Amusement Parks and Fairgrounds

Permanent amusement parks and fairgrounds are easier to insure than movable, portable, and short-term carnivals and circuses. Property coverage may be a problem due to electronic devices, food service operations, lack of public fire protection, the potential for vandalism, and because many of these operations are seasonal. Liability coverage protects the amusement park owner or fairgrounds operator against claims for … Read More

Amusement Rides

Amusement rides range from relatively tame and mundane carousels and merry-go-rounds to breath-taking roller coasters and other thrill rides. Compared to coin-operated amusement devices, permanent, fixed-base amusement rides are more desirable insurance risks. Permanent rides are considered safer because they are not constantly being disassembled at one location, moved, and then re-assembled at a new location. In addition, the concessionaire … Read More

Carnivals and Circuses

Carnivals and circuses are similar to amusement parks but they are much more difficult to place because they are mobile. They travel to and from a number of different locations, employ short-term employees (or hire short-term contractors or concessionaires), and must dismantle and reassemble rides and amusement devices at each stop. It is much easier to obtain liability insurance for … Read More

Inflatable Amusement Devices

Special events often include inflatable devices such as bouncy houses, slides, and other types that are designed for children and adults. Liability coverage is often provided by the vendor supplying the items but due to the potential for injury, supplemental coverage should be considered.

Inflatable Amusement Devices – Rental Operations

Bouncy houses and other types of inflatables are common attractions at birthday parties, community activities, and corporate picnics. Liability exposure includes not only the device itself but also the proper installation. Inland marine coverage may be needed to protect the specific items while off premises while property coverage could provide coverage while on premises.

Animal Rides

Animal ride concessions are popular attractions and can be found at permanent amusement parks, zoos, carnivals, shopping centers, and church, civic, and fund-raising bazaars. The primary underwriting concern is injuries to young children that arise when careless attendants are combined with untrained animals.