These operations can be very large and generic or small and customized. All are labor intensive and involve significant workers compensation exposures from cuts, carpel tunnel, and disease. The slaughterhouse may own the meat it produces or others may own the meat and the slaughterhouse only processes it. Housekeeping, sanitation, and regularly testing the meat are primary underwriting considerations.

Pet Accident and Health Insurance

Pet accident and health insurance programs cover most veterinary medical treatment and/or hospitalization for illness or injury to pets. The most common pets are cats and dogs but other family pets can also be covered. Age limitations may apply, and some treatments and illnesses are excluded. A maximum per year limit applies, based on the coverage purchased.

Pet Grooming Liability

Pet grooming liability insurance is similar to the malpractice coverage provided to beauticians and barbers for human hairdressing treatments except that injury is to animals and not humans. It applies to owners and operators of pet grooming businesses and to businesses that groom, clip nails or hair, or dock tails of cats and dogs. Many companies that offer this coverage … Read More

Pet Mortality Insurance

Pet mortality insurance covers loss of a pet by death from specified causes of loss and normally only during the active years of the pet’s life. The same carriers that provide pet accident and health insurance may offer this coverage.

Zoos and Zoological Societies

Zoos can be very large and diverse or very small and specialized. They may be open to the general public or limited to only researchers. The consistency is that wild animals are kept in a controlled environment in which they are cared for by human handlers. The entities may be governmental, for profit or not-for-profit entities. Risks include walk-through and … Read More

Livestock Haulers

It may be difficult to place coverage on truckers that transport livestock from farms to feedlots or the marketplace. Special precautions are necessary to assure that the animals have enough room and ventilation to survive long trips. Additional care is needed with respect to loading and unloading.

Animal Rides

Animal ride concessions are popular attractions and can be found at permanent amusement parks, zoos, carnivals, shopping centers, and church, civic, and fund-raising bazaars. The primary underwriting concern is injuries to young children that arise when careless attendants are combined with untrained animals.

Horse and Carriage Risks

Horse-drawn carriage operators conduct rides through downtown hotel and theater districts and cater to tourists and business convention attendees. Liability coverage is available for carriages and sleds used in commercial livery businesses for touring or in special events such as weddings, after proms, or for convention tours. Underwriters are concerned about where carriages operate, the extent of lighting when operations … Read More

Saddle Animal Liability

There are many prospects for this specialty coverage such as riding academies, resort hotels and motels, equestrian camps, riding stables and clubs, horse shows, and fairs. While coverage for saddle animals is part of the CGL, it is typically excluded by endorsement when an exposure is revealed. This coverage is tailored to the specific needs of the entity that purchases … Read More

Horse (Livestock) Major Medical and Surgery Insurance

This coverage is usually written as an endorsement to a livestock mortality policy. It covers veterinarian fees for surgery and major illnesses/diseases as defined for scheduled animals. Limits are usually on an aggregate per insured animal basis, subject to a deductible. Animals used for racing, those less than 30 days old, and those over 15 years of age may be … Read More