Appraisers provide objective and unbiased estimates of the value of certain property. Many specialize in specific types of property, such as real property, jewelry, antiques, or fine arts. This coverage protects individual appraisers or appraisal firms against claims that allege negligence or bias in preparing appraisals.


Auctions are big business. Businesses and individuals often dispose of their excess property or possessions through estate sales, art sales, livestock auctions, and other consignment sales that use the services of auctioneers. This coverage protects individual auctioneers and/or the auction company against claims made against them because of alleged negligent acts, errors, or omissions while performing their duties as auctioneers.

Antique and Classic Boats

Antique and classic boats are pleasure boats that are no longer manufactured in the standard or conventional way. Age is not a criteria as much as the type of materials used in the original construction. Most wooden boats and classic fiberglass models are eligible. A key element is that the boat must be considered a collectible. The boat must be … Read More

Art Collections

Public and private art collections are difficult to insure because of the high value of certain pieces of art and their susceptibility to loss from a number of perils or causes of loss. Underwriters’ concerns include security and fire protection arrangements, regardless of where the collection is located.

Art Galleries

In most cases, coverage applies to art on consignment to the art gallery or dealer, in addition to the dealer’s own property. It also insures art that customers remove for approval and art being transported. The value of the work of art is based on the dealer’s costs for the work. Dealer’s costs include the dealer’s purchase price plus transportation, … Read More


Hobbyests collect a wide variety of objects. In addition to United States and foreign coins, currency and postage stamps, other collectibles include postcards, matchbook covers, beer cans, sports trading cards, dolls, buttons, and glass bottles, to name just a few. The number and types of possible personal collections are virtually unlimited. It is difficult to determine the value of some … Read More

Fine Arts Floaters (High Values)

Fine arts insurance coverage on both personal and commercial exposures and collections is usually written under inland marine coverage forms. In most cases, each item is scheduled and insured for specific stated amount. Because statuary, sculptures, paintings and antiques are “one-of-a-kind” art objects, competent appraisers must determine their values. Security and loss prevention measures that are subject to enforceable warranties … Read More

Jewelry and Fur Floaters (High Values)

Personal jewelry and fur floaters can be extremely difficult to place. In cases where it is difficult to place an entire schedule, the agent or broker may decide to place part of the schedule with an admitted company and the rest with a surplus lines market. A single high-valued item of jewelry that is unacceptable to the admitted company that … Read More

Sports Memorabilia (Baseball Cards, Etc.)

Sports memorabilia collectors can insure their collections of cards, photos, trophies, pins, autographs, apparel, and other types of valued memorabilia using a blanket or scheduled inland marine coverage form. Coverage applies off-premises and during transit in addition to scheduled locations. Retailers, exhibitors, and sports souvenir shops, along with hobbyists, can purchase this coverage.


A number of major insurers have developed property and commercial general liability package programs for museums, historical societies, and other groups that have collections of art and antiquities. Coverage is also available for private and public collections of jewelry, antiques, and sports memorabilia, among others. Collections are written on an inland marine coverage form that usually covers flood, earthquake, theft, … Read More