Answering Services

Answering and message centers serve businesses, professionals, contractors, and service companies that must have their calls answered and messages taken around the clock. They may also provide voice mail, fax messaging, printing, photocopying, and similar office services. This coverage insures businesses for injuries alleged to have occurred because of negligent acts, errors, or omissions in performing answering services for others.

Advertising & PR firms

This insurance covers libel, slander, defamation, infringement of copyright, title or slogan, piracy, unfair competition, or misappropriation of ideas, and any invasion of the rights of privacy that an advertising agency allegedly commits. It also covers investigating claims and defending against legal actions.

Phone Card Promotions

A relatively simple product promotion places prepaid phone cards into the product packaging as a way to increase sales, introduce new products, or draw attention to special events. When the card is used, the product or business’s image and a message appear before the user each time a call is made. At times, the phone cards become collector items and … Read More

Broadcast Stations

Many markets offer coverage for broadcast towers, mobile units, studio (and other) equipment in addition to other inland marine, property, business income, general liability, commercial auto liability and physical damage, crime, and workers compensation coverages. However, there is a limited market for broadcaster’s liability. Broadcaster’s liability covers errors and omissions (including libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and other errors) that … Read More

Marketing and Public Relations Firms E&O

Errors and omissions insurance is available for marketing and public relations firms that handle their clients’ marketing and advertising programs. These firms develop campaigns to promote products or services for manufacturers, dealers, contractors, and other service businesses or individuals. Libel and slander for published or broadcast promotional or advertising material as well as infringement of copyright are serious concerns to … Read More

Marketing Consultants E&O

This liability coverage protects the insured consultant when there are allegations of financial loss and/or personal injury caused by an error or omission the consultant allegedly made while performing marketing services for others. Typical exposures include infringement of copyright, faulty publicity advice, errors in news releases and/or press dates, and missed deadlines. Firms that have been in business at least … Read More

Patent Infringement

Patent infringement insurance responds to suits brought in the United States against an insured that manufactures, uses, or distributes a covered product that allegedly infringes on a patent. It covers the costs to defend the suit in addition to the costs to settle the claim with the party that owns the patent.

Printers E&O

This coverage is available for commercial printing and related services, such as typesetting, binding, and collating. Errors and omissions insurance covers the insured for claims of damages alleged to have occurred due to wrongful acts, errors, and omissions in the performance of printing services for others. This coverage is not a substitute for publishers or media liability because printers do … Read More

Independent Pay Telephone Operators

Independent pay telephone operators are replacing the larger telecom companies in providing access to public telephones. Property and casualty coverage has been designed to address the specific insurance needs of these operators. General liability and excess liability coverage is available. Property coverage is available for the operator’s office personal property and the individual payphones.

Publishers Liability

This liability coverage protects publishers of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, books, and a variety of printed materials against claims that allege defamation of character and libel. It may be issued on a full coverage basis or on a deductible basis. Each risk is underwritten carefully, based on a complete and detailed application. This coverage is also known as media … Read More