Computer Software Designers E&O

This insurance covers errors in programs or in systems designed by computer software designers and consultants. In many cases, computer consultants’ errors and omissions coverage is written as part of a package arranged for computer firms.

Document Destruction Professional Liability

Businesses are (or should be) concerned with privacy and confidentiality issues that relate to their customers’ information. Document destruction businesses can be hired to destroy such confidential customer information. Document destruction professionals are responsible for maintaining and protecting the information’s confidentiality and ensuring that the destruction is complete. Professional liability insurance is available that responds to claims that allege improper … Read More

Electronic Data Processors E&O

This coverage protects the insured that performs data processing service for others against claims that arise out of a negligent act, error, or omission in its handling and processing of electronic data.


View the Cyber Insurance Blog from ProWriters History of Cyber Cyber Liability is designed to protect against the breach of Personal Identifiable Information and Protected Health Information. It also protects against as other Cyber threats, such as Social Engineering and Ransomware. These breaches can be committed by employee error, a rogue employee or an outside hacker. WHAT IS CYBER LIABILITY … Read More

Identity Theft Liability

Identity theft liability is an evolving coverage. The most basic form covers liability imposed on a business because it failed to adequately protect certain vital information that its customers supplied. This information is such that its theft can allow the customers’ identity to be stolen. Many carriers are expanding beyond this basic coverage to provide loss control assistance to prevent … Read More

Internet Liability

Internet liability is the most rapidly changing area of liability exposure today. The growth in the number of persons who use the Internet regularly has caused most businesses to promote and market their products and services online. These companies have home pages and many communicate with others via email, chat lines, blogs, social media, and more. Liability coverages and exclusions … Read More

Electronic Data Processing Equipment

This coverage insures direct physical loss or damage to electronic data processing system equipment and media including the introduction of viruses and damage by hackers. It also covers the extra expenses incurred to continue operations after the equipment or media is damaged. Business income coverage if the insured’s operations are partially or completely suspended due to damage to data processing … Read More