Asbestos Abatement Contractors and Consultants

At one time, many public buildings, offices, and school buildings used asbestos materials in their construction to resist or reduce the spread of fire. Those once-touted products have since been found to be extremely toxic. Asbestos abatement consultants determine if a property contains asbestos and suggests ways to best mitigate any asbestos exposures found. Their professional liability exposure arises from … Read More

Environmental Consultants E&O

Environmental consultants’ professional liability coverage insures against errors and omissions claims that allege that the consultant’s advice, assessment, or recommendations resulted in economic damages. It also provides defense coverage. It is written on a claims-made basis and is subject to a retroactive date.


Actuaries were once associated with only insurance companies. They are now recognized as independent advisors whose expertise is used by many different businesses. Independent actuarial firms provide services such as outsourcing for insurance carriers that need temporary assistance on certain projects. They also offer advice to financial entities that attempt to determine the future value of potential takeover targets. Some … Read More

Marriage and Family Counselors Professional Liability

Marriage counselors deal with the sensitive emotions of marriage and family. As a result, they are more vulnerable to lawsuits for failing to meet the expectations of their profession. Professional liability for these counselors is available in much the same manner as other health care professionals. Underwriting considerations include location, counselor’s credentials, number of visits, and prior suits or incidents, … Read More

Consultants Professional Liability

Consulting firms advise their clients on specific management or business problems. The services provided can include offering advice on employment practices, sales development, time management, executive search, marketing strategies, computer testing, and other matters. Insurance coverage is usually tailored to match the specific services the consulting firm offers. Underwriters evaluate every activity the business conducts before they accept it and … Read More

Privacy Insurance

This coverage protects the insured when confidential information belonging to clients, employees or vendors is breached because of an alleged error on the insured’s part. Coverage is provided for both defense and indemnification. Coverage also includes the cost to notify affected individuals.

Marketing Consultants E&O

This liability coverage protects the insured consultant when there are allegations of financial loss and/or personal injury caused by an error or omission the consultant allegedly made while performing marketing services for others. Typical exposures include infringement of copyright, faulty publicity advice, errors in news releases and/or press dates, and missed deadlines. Firms that have been in business at least … Read More