Burglar, Fire Alarm and Safety Equipment Company Liability

The insurance industry strongly encourages its clients to purchase a variety of safety equipment but few insurance companies are willing to insure safety equipment providers. Manufacturers, distributors, and businesses that install and service fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, sprinkler systems, and ventilation hoods with extinguishing systems for restaurants may find that only specialty markets can arrange coverage for their unique exposures … Read More

Lawn Care Services

The typical lawn service cuts grass, controls weeds, insects, and lawn diseases, dethatches or aerates lawns, and seeds or sods new lawns. Many lawn services also do landscaping, maintain plants and shrubbery, and install automatic lawn sprinkler systems. The primary underwriting concerns are the experience of the lawn service and the training program and experience of employees. Spraying pesticides and … Read More

Contractors Equipment Insurance

This inland marine coverage insures contractors’ equipment on a scheduled or blanket basis. For many contractors, their major assets are equipment, such as cranes, power shovels, tractors, and bulldozers. Large items can be specifically scheduled, while a blanket limit may be used for smaller items. Tool coverage, including employee tools, can also be provided. Coverage is often based on all … Read More

Pier and Dock Contractors

The water exposure is significant so these contractors must carry both land-based and ocean-based coverages. Coverage for injuries to employees is especially difficult because the employer may be required to satisfy state workers compensation laws as well as federal laws such as the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. These contractors have significant general liability exposures … Read More

Painting–Exterior Contractors

The type of structure being painted and its location largely determines the loss potential for this class of business. Bridge painters must contend with traffic, wind, and working at heights. Commercial building painters must contend with traffic congestion and pedestrians. The type of paint used and exposure to its fumes are additional concerns. Paint overspray is always a concern but … Read More

Consultants Professional Liability

Consulting firms advise their clients on specific management or business problems. The services provided can include offering advice on employment practices, sales development, time management, executive search, marketing strategies, computer testing, and other matters. Insurance coverage is usually tailored to match the specific services the consulting firm offers. Underwriters evaluate every activity the business conducts before they accept it and … Read More

Fire Protection Industry

These are service contractors that sell, service, install and repair fire protection and suppression systems such as sprinklers, extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, grease cleaners, and wet chemical fire suppression. Package programs are available that cover general liability, products liability, and errors and omissions. Some also cover incidental alarm installation.

Carpentry Work Contractors

Carpenters erect the structural portion of dwellings and commercial wood frame buildings. If their work is faulty or not done correctly, all work that follows is also faulty.

Welding Supplies Sales and Distribution

Welding supplies consist of multiple types of equipment. However, the most volatile aspect of the business is the gas supplied to the welder. The storage of the gases on premises adds to the fire and explosion potential and the supply of the gases to the welder adds to the product exposure.


General contractors or project owners may purchase liability and workers compensation insurance for all operations on a specific construction project, including those that subcontractors perform. Many states have criteria for approving such programs and they must meet certain contract cost requirements. The use of wrap-ups brings all construction insurance costs and coverages into a single workers compensation policy and a … Read More