Marijuana Retail Dispensaries

Dispensaries are retail outlets that sell medical and/or recreational cannabis direct to consumers. Dispensary technically means a facility that prepares and makes medicines available. With more States authorizing adult recreational use and new medicinal use opportunities developing in multiple States, cannabis sales are projected to grow substantially in the next few years. Therefore, there’s a concern with the rapid addition … Read More

Marijuana Wholesale Distributors/Transporters/Secure Transportation

Wholesale Distributors and Transporters are businesses that purchase or contract quantities of cannabis from other licensed facilities and sell and transport products to licensed retailers, processors, and/or to other wholesalers. Product is stored in secure warehouses between transportation points or while pending sale. Wholesale distributors can also solely operate as secure warehousing and secure transporters. The workers compensation exposure can … Read More

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A number of states have approved the use of physician prescribed medical marijuana. These dispensaries attempt to fill those prescriptions. They have exposures similar to pharmacies or liquor stores because the commodity they sell is both very attractive and controlled by a government authority. The product exposure is more difficult because there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines … Read More

Biofuel Distribution

Biofuel distributors provide biofuel blended to the specification of its customer base. They are similar to other fuel distributors with the same fire and explosion concerns. Most biofuels are distributed through rail or motor carrier and not through pipelines which is a major exposure.

Chemical Distributors

Chemical distributors require significant liability insurance limits in order to protect them from environmental impairment lawsuits related to the potential release of chemicals that they store and distribute to others. They have a significant workers compensation exposure because of the toxic properties of many of the chemicals plus the catastrophic explosive exposure of certain chemicals. Property and business income exposures … Read More

Firearms Dealers and Distributors

Comprehensive insurance programs are available for firearms wholesalers, distributors, retailers, gunsmiths, ammunition manufacturers, and indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. They are treated as specialty business because of the hazards that firearms and live ammunition present. Commercial general liability, products liability, and broad form vendors’ coverages are important because many state and federal regulations require them. Property coverage on firearms and … Read More

Equipment and Tool Rental Services

Equipment and tool rental risks are difficult to place, especially if coverage is needed for equipment that is rented out. Coverage for tools and equipment rented to persons who may not know how to operate them properly is also needed because the items rented may be damaged or broken. The liability exposure is also significant, especially if the rental service … Read More

Equipment Leasing–Lessor Protection

When equipment is leased to others, those lessees are required to insure it. The equipment owner can purchase contingent coverage that pays for its interest in the equipment if the lessee does not meet its contractual obligation to insure the equipment. This coverage can be broadened to include the lessee’s interest.

Boat Dealers

Boat dealers sell new and used watercraft. The dealers may be land or water based. Policies designed for boat dealers cover stocks of boats, accessories, and supplies held for sale. Property and marine coverage is usually written on an “all risks” type basis. Coverages are similar to open lot automobile coverage and garagekeepers legal liability.

Motorcycle Dealers

Insurance on motorcycle dealers is usually written on modified auto dealers liability forms specifically adapted to motorcycle dealers. One coverage includes premises liability for sales operations in connection with service and repair of customers’ motorcycles and motor scooters. Another covers motorcycles of customers while in the dealer’s shop for repair, similar to garagekeepers legal liability coverage. A dealers supplemental physical … Read More