Riding Academies/Hunt Clubs

Insurers that specialize in writing equestrian liability and horse mortality also write this coverage. Riding academies or schools are especially difficult risks to insure because the participants are often either beginners learning to ride saddle horses or are experienced riders attempting to acquire new skills, such as jumping. Riding academies also stable horses for owners who ride their own horses … Read More

Accreditation Programs

Accreditation agencies provide important services to their industry by reviewing businesses in it and verifying that they meet that association or organization’s established guidelines. Errors by these agencies can result in a business ceasing operations or losing financing and/or customers. This coverage protects the agency against third-party liability claims that allege financial loss and/or personal injury caused by its wrongful … Read More

Water Ski Schools Liability

Water ski schools provide instruction for water skiing, wave boarding, tubing, barefoot water skiing, and other types of propelled water-related activities. Instruction is usually conducted in less hazardous water areas relatively free of other watercraft. Bodily injury and property damage liability coverage is available.

Student Housing

Student housing is a difficult class to underwrite because of numerous issues that relate to student behavior. Property hazards to consider include smoking, candles, and forgetfulness, along with general negligent and irresponsible behavior. Liability exposures include issues related to fire, along with those related to assault and alcohol. Housing units may be on or off campus. They may be publically … Read More

Dance Schools

These risks cater to young children who receive early instruction in ballet, tap, and other dance techniques, youth who want to improve their dancing ability. and adults who want to learn ballroom and other types of dancing. The exposure varies based on the school’s specialty. Classic ballet and tap dance instruction is significantly different than large studios that offer all … Read More

Dive Shops/Instructors

Property and liability coverage for dive shops is difficult to place. The two most important components of surviving underwater are equipment and instruction. Errors or inadequacies in either can result in serious injury or death. Divers must receive instruction and be certified to dive with the equipment before they take their first dive. Dive shop instructors can provide that certification. … Read More

Film Schools Student Productions

Film schools are eligible for this coverage. Some programs provide coverage only if the school is part of a university. Coverage applies to student projects but only when the school sanctions them. Coverages include property, inland marine, general liability, automobile, and umbrella. Items that can be covered include rental equipment, owned equipment, props, sets, wardrobes, extra expense, and negative and … Read More