Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability

This coverage protects directors and officers of a corporation against claims that allege injury caused by their negligent acts, errors, or omissions while acting in their corporate capacities. It also indemnifies corporations for expenses they incur to defend such lawsuits. The market for this coverage is expanding and addresses all sizes of corporations. Some companies cover discrimination, wrongful termination, and … Read More

Employment–Related Practices Liability

Federal, state, and local regulations prohibit a number of employment-related practices. This insurance covers the insured if it or any of its employees are accused of any of the prohibited practices. The coverage provides a list of the federal regulations that can be cited in a claim such as age, race, gender, or disability discrimination. It also covers allegations of … Read More

Employee Benefit Plans Liability

This insurance covers the insured employer against claims made by its current or former employees due to damages caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions in its administration of employee benefit programs. It covers claims that result from giving incorrect advice concerning an employee’s health care or pension plan or for failing to enroll employees under a benefit program. It … Read More

International Insurance

Global account underwriting is tied to the growth in multinational corporations. Multinational businesses need a package of domestic and foreign insurance coverages combined under a single master program. A number of major U.S. insurers have large international networks of facilities that can provide insurance coverage in almost any country in the world for U.S. businesses that conduct operations overseas and … Read More

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Kidnap, ransom, and extortion coverage has become more common as businesses expand their international outreach and send executives and key employees around the world. While ISO and SFAA have developed endorsements and coverage forms, restrictions and availability vary by company. One unusual aspect of this coverage is that the insured cannot acknowledge having the coverage.

Limited Partnership Liability–Partnership Managers

A limited partnership’s general partners are the people and/or companies responsible for managing and running the partnership’s operation. They can be sued for mismanagement, negligence, or waste of partnership assets. However, the greatest concern to general partners is probably the sizeable lawsuits brought against them by limited partners (investors) that allege violation of federal security statutes and “”Blue Sky”” laws. … Read More

Legal Expense Insurance

Group legal expense insurance has attracted the attention of many labor unions, trade associations, and bar associations. This coverage is targeted at, and appeals to, families with moderate incomes who earn too much to qualify for legal aid services for the indigent and too little to be able to afford more expensive legal services. It is written on a group … Read More

Sex Abuse/Molestation Liability

This coverage is very important for risks such as churches, day care centers, schools, children’s camps, and other businesses that provide services to vulnerable populations such as children, disabled persons, and the elderly. This coverage insures the organization for charges of poor supervision but does not protect any perpetrator. The following underwrite this liability coverage: