Loggers Broad Form Property Damage Liability

This is basically a fire legal liability coverage form. It protects the “care, custody, and control” exposure of logging contractors that log on land owned by others or on land that has standing timber that belongs to others. It pays all amounts the insured logger is legally obligated to pay because of physical damage to or destruction of tangible property … Read More

Logging Operations

There are certain parts of the country where logging and lumbering operations are important to the economy, and agents and brokers must find and maintain markets that understand and write logging and lumbering risks. Placing coverage with specialty carriers is necessary due to the special equipment and vehicles used in logging operations and to transport the logs to the mill … Read More

Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical manufacturers require significant liability insurance limits to protect them from lawsuits related to the hazardous nature of some of their products. In addition, there are significant environmental impairment exposures. Property and business income exposures are also challenging because of the caustic nature of various base elements and the explosive potential when they are combined. The workers compensation exposure can … Read More

Natural Gas Utilities

The two types of natural gas utilities are public owned and investor owned. Both distribute natural gas to residential and commercial consumers. Each faces a variety of unique exposures. Some natural gas systems operate peak saving facilities that store natural gas to be used to supplement the normal amount of gas delivered to customers during peak-use periods. Others have propane … Read More

Oil and Gas Deficiency Insurance–Guaranteed Performance

Developers and investors whose oil and gas fields do not produce as expected can still get a return on their investments with oil and gas deficiency insurance. If the field’s actual output falls short of engineering report projections, the financial institutions, independent oil producers, individuals, or partnerships are indemnified for the loss. Fields with proven reserves that currently yield through … Read More

Oil Drilling Equipment

Property coverage written on special “”all risk”” as well as named perils coverage forms protect the owner, lessee, or lessor of land-based drilling rigs, portable well service equipment, exploration vehicles, and work-over rigs for loss or damage to this equipment. Ocean marine coverage forms and policies insure offshore drilling rigs, barges, and service craft.

Oil Lease Property (Oil Field Equipment)

Property coverage is available on special “”all risk”” type or named perils coverage forms that insure wellhead equipment, oil-gas separators, oil tanks, gas compressors, treating plants, pump stations, gasoline-sulfur recovery plants, and similar oil field service equipment that are commonly used at oil lease sites.

Oil Well Liability

This commercial general liability coverage form insures oil well drilling operators, contractors, pipeline owners, and fabricators for bodily injury and property damage that arise from their ownership, operation, or use of oil wells.

Operators Extra Expense–Oil and Gas

Oil and gas producers have increased their exploration, drilling, and production activities. The risk/reward ratio of these drilling efforts is matched by concerns about environmental accidents and damage to equipment. Operator’s extra expense insurance is designed to cover the cost of well control, seepage, and pollution, removing and nullifying, cleanup and containment, and re-drilling expenses as a result of a … Read More