Billiard Parlors

Billiard parlors and pool halls were trademarks of Main Street America years ago. Today, most standard carriers avoid this class of business because many establishments have substandard conditions, are in the inner city, serve alcohol, permit smoking, and have poor reputations. Insurers that write this class of business provide commercial general liability, liquor liability, and property coverages.

Bingo Halls

Bingo is a popular game of chance throughout the United States and Canada. Bingo was originally played only at church fairs, social gatherings, and at private schools in order to raise funds. Currently, many states have large-scale bingo games that operate several times a week in large halls under the control of state gaming commissions. Gaming laws vary from state … Read More

Bowling Centers

Bowling is a major recreational activity enjoyed by individuals, families, and groups. Bowling centers can be difficult property exposures to place because standard physical characteristics allow fires to start quickly and spread rapidly. Large, open, undivided areas, unprotected roof supports, large concealed spaces above ceilings and below the alleys, inadequate water supplies, and poor public fire protection in outlying suburbs … Read More

Golf Courses (Public)

Golf is one of America’s most popular recreational activities and golf courses are where many Americans spend much of their leisure time. Elaborate golf courses and clubhouses are found all over the country and these facilities represent large investments that need commercial insurance protection and risk management programs. A number of property and casualty packages currently available insure a wide … Read More

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes’ disabilities are distressing to the athlete involved and the financial well-being of his or her team. Coverage is available for the athlete as well as for the team. Coverage may be limited to only the team’s superstars or it may apply to all team members. The terms of the athlete’s contract determine what coverage, if any, is available … Read More

Recreational Clubs Liability

There are as many different types of recreational clubs as there are recreational activities. However, nearly every one involves some element of danger to club members or the general public even when all safety precautions are taken. Common prospects for this coverage include archery clubs, gun, trap, and skeet clubs, hunting and fishing clubs, swim clubs, and skydiving clubs. While … Read More

Sports Camps

Sports camps are popular places for young boys and girls to go to learn basic and advanced skills of tennis, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and other individual or team sports. Liability coverage, including abuse and molestation, is an important coverage for the camp director and staff. Accidental death and dismemberment and accident medical expense coverage is often considered mandatory for … Read More

Film and TV Producers E&O

This coverage is increasingly important for any entertainment production company. There is a very real possibility that a title used in a television series or film may infringe on the same or a similar title used in the past or that a motion picture’s plot might too closely follow a previously released show. Entertainment title and copyright research firms offer … Read More

Film and TV Producers Indemnity (Cast Insurance)

Film and television producers indemnity insurance is better known as cast insurance. It protects a film or television production company against loss caused when filming must be abandoned because the star or a key character is injured, becomes ill, or dies. It also covers extra expenses incurred to complete a film if totally abandoning it is not required.

Hole–in–One Coverage

Hole-in-one coverage is a form of prize indemnification insurance. It is purchased by sponsors of local golf tournaments who provide prizes to any golfer who scores a hole-in-one on a designated hole during the event. Prizes include new cars, riding lawnmowers, clothes, other merchandise, or cash. Insurance is arranged prior to the event and indemnifies the insured only if the … Read More