Asbestos Abatement Contractors and Consultants

At one time, many public buildings, offices, and school buildings used asbestos materials in their construction to resist or reduce the spread of fire. Those once-touted products have since been found to be extremely toxic. Asbestos abatement consultants determine if a property contains asbestos and suggests ways to best mitigate any asbestos exposures found. Their professional liability exposure arises from … Read More

Environmental Consultants E&O

Environmental consultants’ professional liability coverage insures against errors and omissions claims that allege that the consultant’s advice, assessment, or recommendations resulted in economic damages. It also provides defense coverage. It is written on a claims-made basis and is subject to a retroactive date.

Vessel Pollution

Pollution caused by vessels, such as the Exxon Valdez incident in Prince William Sound in Alaska, can lead to extremely large losses. The vessel pollution coverage pays damages for leaks and spills of crude refined oil and other chemicals by ocean-going vessels that harm the environment. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) must approve any insurer that provides this coverage … Read More

Brownfields Development Sites

Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or underutilized industrial and commercial properties whose expansion or redevelopment is complicated by contamination (real or perceived). Some of these sites were contaminated when the materials discharged into the ground deemed safe and legal at the time are now considered pollutants. As more substances are determined to be harmful (such as leaded gasoline and radon), many … Read More

Lead Paint Contamination

This coverage can be written on a stand-alone basis or it can fill a gap in a general liability policy that excludes lead paint or pollution. Property managers, owners, landlords, and any party that controls the property is eligible to purchase this coverage. Varying per-claim and aggregate limits are available.

Recycling Centers

The operations of recyclers or scrap dealers include collecting, breaking up, sorting, assembling, and delivering the salvage or scrap material to manufacturing plants that use the recycled products to make new materials for packaging consumer products.

Storage Tank Testing/Installation/Removal

This is a special pollution liability policy available for contractors that remove, install, or maintain underground or aboveground petroleum storage tanks and systems. It insures against claims that involve sudden or non-sudden releases of petroleum products that cause environmental damage. Deductibles apply and are used.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Pollution Liability

This coverage was designed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist service stations, oil jobbers and others that own underground storage tanks to meet their financial obligations due to leaks from those tanks. It covers the cost of cleaning up leaking tanks and the resulting damage to property of others.

Crop Dusting and Spraying

This coverage is properly classified as a specialty aviation insurance coverage. It applies to insureds that use aircraft to dust or spray insecticides or herbicides on crops or other vegetation. The hazards for these operations are greater than those associated with normal aircraft operations because the chemicals the aircraft applies may be dangerous to animal life or neighboring crops and … Read More