Hunting and Fishing Clubs

These clubs own land or lakes stocked with wildlife or game fish. Their facilities are developed and controlled for the exclusive use of members and their guests. Coverage applies to the club’s liability. Underwriters usually evaluate the total acreage, whether it is fenced and posted or not, proximity to traveled roads, whether it is a private club or one owned … Read More

Shooting Range Liability (Trap and Skeet)

Liability insurance is available for trap, clay pigeon, and related target ranges. Programs are available for public ranges and for private operations that are open to members and member’s guests only. Underwriters require detailed information about the layout of the range and distances from roads or other public areas.

Gun Collection Floaters

Guns and gun collections are very attractive to burglars. The theft limits that homeowners coverage provides for firearms is relatively low. Gun and weapons collections’ values will substantially exceed this limit. A few specialty property insurers insure large gun collections on a scheduled basis. Insureds must maintain accurate records of the cost of each weapon and appraisals or formal estimates … Read More

Personal Carry Firearm Liability

The Rockwood Firearm Liability product provides legal defense and indemnity coverage for gun owners who are forced to use a firearm to protect themselves or others. The offering includes provisions for both civil and criminal proceedings brought against the insured for any covered act. The policyholder, spouse, and any household members under the age of 21 are considered insureds under … Read More

Firearms Dealers and Distributors

Comprehensive insurance programs are available for firearms wholesalers, distributors, retailers, gunsmiths, ammunition manufacturers, and indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. They are treated as specialty business because of the hazards that firearms and live ammunition present. Commercial general liability, products liability, and broad form vendors’ coverages are important because many state and federal regulations require them. Property coverage on firearms and … Read More