Law Enforcement Officers Liability

Law enforcement officer or police professional liability coverage forms or policies provide broad coverage to law enforcement agencies and their individual law enforcement officers. They cover the law enforcement agency of any political subdivision named as the insured, along with all paid full-time and part-time individual law enforcement officers. This coverage insures against third-party suits or claims for bodily injury … Read More

Social Workers and Welfare Workers E&O

This insurance covers the liability of social workers and welfare workers while engaged in professional services for social agencies and welfare agencies. This coverage is often written in the name of the agency itself and applies to employed, qualified social and welfare workers who work for the agency.

Emergency Service Organizations

Organizations that provide pre-hospital care, such as public and private ambulance services, fire departments, first-aid teams, rescue squads, and first responders are eligible for coverage under specialty programs. Such programs provide professional liability, auto liability, auto physical damage, inland marine, commercial general liability, umbrella liability, directors and officers liability, workers compensation, and employers’ liability coverages. Coverage on real and personal … Read More

Emergency Medical Technicians E&O

Timely response by professional emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to their patients’ needs is the cornerstone of pre-hospital emergency care. Their professional liability exposures can be covered under a group policy that insures the emergency medical unit. The group policy can also cover ambulance services, fire departments, first-aid teams, and rescue squads. Professional liability coverage for EMT instructors/coordinators is also available.

Public Housing Authorities Liability

This coverage insures public housing authorities that own, lease, or manage low-income housing or that administer low-income assistance programs available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Policies can be written to cover public officials’ liability, errors and omissions, directors and officers coverage, and commercial general liability exposures.

Educators/Teachers Individual Professional Liability

Teachers and other educators can be sued by or on behalf of students for actual or alleged injury or damage. While the employing school or district has a responsibility to defend the teacher, the objective of that school or district is to first protect itself. The individual will have little control of the action and may actually lose all coverage … Read More

Planners Professional Liability

Nearly every governmental entity and most developers use professional planners. Planners utilize data to forecast a community’s future needs for infrastructure and similar support facilities. Planning breaks down even further into the subspecialties of comprehensive planning, urban planning, site/master planning, economic planning, traffic/transportation planning, zoning and permitting, land use planning, environment planning, and historic preservation. Planners cannot be blamed for … Read More

Political Action Committees Liability

Political action committees (PACs) are extremely active in channeling funds to their favorite political candidates. PAC members are exposed to possible lawsuits because of the nature of their work. A claims-made liability policy insures PAC members. The coverage provided applies to defense costs, any settlement costs, and reasonable expenses. Most importantly, it insures against the exposures defined in the Federal … Read More

Public Officials Liability

This coverage protects public officials elected or appointed to a legally constituted public entity. It is similar to directors and officers and board of education liability insurance. It provides direct coverage to the public official or a reimbursement to the public entity to indemnify an official, if permitted by law. It is written in the public entity’s name and covers … Read More


Insurance for public libraries may be written on a stand-alone basis or as part of a municipal package that covers city and county libraries. The stand-alone package is a combination of property, commercial general liability, business auto, and other specialized insurance coverages. Inland marine coverages insure fine arts, valuable papers, books, visual aids, and other library property. Coverage for limited … Read More