Exercise and Physical Fitness Centers

Thousands of men and women spend large sums of money for physical fitness and exercise programs. There are multiple business models. Some facilities offer only very basic services. Others are complex facilities similar to recreational sports clubs and offer additional features such as tanning booths and racquetball and handball courts, in addition to traditional exercise rooms. In most cases, larger … Read More


Acupuncture is a stress and pain management health care service that involves placing needles in specific parts of the body. It is usually viewed as an alternative medicine but is increasingly accepted as a health care profession. This coverage insures the general liability and professional liability exposures of acupuncture specialists.

Mental Health Clinics Professional Liability

Mental health clinics provide a variety of services for adults, adolescents, and children who may be referred by a family doctor, school officials, social workers, counselors, or law enforcement officers. These centers provide individual and group counseling, medication, and day care programs. Short-term inpatient services may be provided for persons who receive treatment. Staff consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, … Read More

Personal Trainers Professional Liability

People hire personal trainers to supervise their physical training and fitness exercises. Trainers may also arrange special diets and nutritional supplements for their clients. Professional liability insurance covers the trainer’s acts of negligence or omissions in setting up a fitness program or in supervising training.

Battered Persons Facilities

These facilities offer shelter to people who are abused or battered by their spouses or significant others. Many provide respite care and provide safe housing for the victim and any children as they transition to more permanent arrangements and solutions. These shelters are usually at undisclosed secure locations. Their primary feature is lodging and board but a variety of treatment … Read More

Home Health Care Agencies

Insurance programs for home health care agencies are available to hospitals, social service associations, and labor unions as well as independent home healthcare agencies. Coverages provided usually include general liability, personal injury liability, non-owned auto liability, and professional liability. Insured persons include registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), aides, physical and occupational therapists, and others. Physicians are not eligible. … Read More

Female Reproductive Services

Clinics that specialize in female health care may focus primarily on the female reproductive system. In doing so, they will provide a variety of exams, provide counseling in effective family planning, including birth control, and provide aids for increasing fertility. Some may also provide pharmaceutical and/or surgical abortions.

Kidney Dialysis Centers

Coverage applies to general liability and professional liability for centers that provide dialysis services to patients with diseased kidneys. This coverage is limited to centers that provide only outpatient services.

Managed Care E&O

Managed care operations attempt to balance a patient’s health care needs with the cost to provide services. This is not a health care professional liability policy. It is an administrative failure policy and includes errors and omissions made through the managed care facility. It may also provide directors and officers liability coverage.

Medical/Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Medical/physical rehabilitation professionals help people attain physical, mental, social, and vocational independence. Rehabilitation services include case management, residential visits, physical, speech and vocational therapy, recreational activities, and clinical and medical evaluations. The services can be short- or long- term and are based on the specific needs, the treatment plan, and how the individuals respond to the therapies.