Arborists are tree specialists. They frequently consult and provide advice on the type of tree to plant and where to plant it. These decisions can have impact on power lines, sewer systems, and fire exposures. Arborists often provide tree-related services such as planting, trimming, removing, and spraying. Some arborists own nurseries.

Lawn Care Services

The typical lawn service cuts grass, controls weeds, insects, and lawn diseases, dethatches or aerates lawns, and seeds or sods new lawns. Many lawn services also do landscaping, maintain plants and shrubbery, and install automatic lawn sprinkler systems. The primary underwriting concerns are the experience of the lawn service and the training program and experience of employees. Spraying pesticides and … Read More


Nurseries make up a special class of agribusinesses and require tailor-made insurance coverages to insure their individual and unique exposures. Nurseries sell trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants on either a retail or wholesale basis. Many nurseries also perform landscaping services for home owners, apartment complexes, and businesses. A few enterprising nurseries employ landscape architects to design landscaping projects. These risks … Read More

Tree Service Liability

Tree service companies have hazardous liability exposures. They include tree surgery, spraying insecticides and pesticides, removing the wrong tree, and removing stumps. Bystanders may be injured by falling limbs and tree trunks. Damage to property of others may occur when the tree service trims branches or removes trees.