Medical Personnel Service Agencies Professional Liability

Liability insurance has been adapted specifically for medical personnel service agencies. Coverage includes commercial general liability and professional liability. Agencies eligible for coverage include nurses’ registries, home health-aid services, and state or city visiting nurse associations. It covers physiotherapists, dental assistants, pharmacists, LPNs, and RNs. It can also include medical personnel such as ambulance attendants, chiropractors, emergency medical technicians, nurse … Read More

Employment–Related Practices Liability

Federal, state, and local regulations prohibit a number of employment-related practices. This insurance covers the insured if it or any of its employees are accused of any of the prohibited practices. The coverage provides a list of the federal regulations that can be cited in a claim such as age, race, gender, or disability discrimination. It also covers allegations of … Read More

Professional Employers Organizations (PEOs)

Professional Employers Organizations (PEOs) PEOs are organizations that manage and administer the human resources functions of their clients by contractually assuming substantial employer rights and responsibilities. They establish and maintain the employer relationship with the workers assigned to them. The types of workers, lengths of contracts, and the contractual obligations are important factors carriers consider when underwriting a specific risk.

Employee Staffing Services

Staffing services furnish employees to businesses on a contract basis. They are responsible for the employees’ payroll, employee benefits, workers compensation, and other human resource-related functions. Both general liability and professional liability are written in the same form. Third-party fidelity coverage, employment-related practices liability, and workers compensation coverage may also be provided.

Background Check Services

An inaccurate background check can have life-changing impact. A problem the check misses can result in a criminal having an opportunity to prey on innocent parties. An incorrect alert in the report can result in a person not getting a much-needed job and then having to fight to clear his or her name. As a result, the professional liability coverage … Read More

Employee Benefit Plans Liability

This insurance covers the insured employer against claims made by its current or former employees due to damages caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions in its administration of employee benefit programs. It covers claims that result from giving incorrect advice concerning an employee’s health care or pension plan or for failing to enroll employees under a benefit program. It … Read More

Sex Abuse/Molestation Liability

This coverage is very important for risks such as churches, day care centers, schools, children’s camps, and other businesses that provide services to vulnerable populations such as children, disabled persons, and the elderly. This coverage insures the organization for charges of poor supervision but does not protect any perpetrator. The following underwrite this liability coverage: