Appraisers provide objective and unbiased estimates of the value of certain property. Many specialize in specific types of property, such as real property, jewelry, antiques, or fine arts. This coverage protects individual appraisers or appraisal firms against claims that allege negligence or bias in preparing appraisals.

Insurance Agents and Brokers E&O

Every responsible insurance agent or broker needs this coverage. It protects against claims for negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the conduct of their business as insurance agents or brokers. The agent’s responsibilities and duties to both the insured and the insurance company are considered. The broker’s responsibilities to its client in the eyes of the law are significant because … Read More

Insurance Company Professional Liability

This is professional liability insurance coverage for insurance companies. It usually insures losses that arise from legal actions initiated against them for their alleged mishandling of claims, engineering or safety inspections, and financial counseling. This coverage is available to both life and property and casualty companies for varying limits.

Insurance Investigators E&O

This insurance covers alleged negligent acts, errors, or omissions by contracted insurance investigators while performing investigative activities on an insurance company’s behalf.


This insurance protects individual claims adjusters or adjusting companies against allegations of breach of duty due to actions of the named insured or its employees while acting as an insurance adjuster. Public adjusters usually work for individuals while private adjusters work with insurance carriers.

Privacy Insurance

This coverage protects the insured when confidential information belonging to clients, employees or vendors is breached because of an alleged error on the insured’s part. Coverage is provided for both defense and indemnification. Coverage also includes the cost to notify affected individuals.