Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol abusers provide life changing services to individuals. The service may be required as part of a court-ordered incarceration program. The service is also available to individuals who recognize addiction concerns and voluntarily enter into a treatment program. Services are provided on both an outpatient and inpatient basis. Many offer intensive in-patient services combined with … Read More

Surgeons Professional Liability

This coverage is similar to physicians professional liability. It protects surgeons against claims for injury that arise from the insured’s alleged malpractice, error, or mistake in rendering or failing to render professional services. Specialists such as anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, obstetricians-gynecologists, and plastic surgeons who often engage in intricate and hazardous operating procedures are more difficult to place.

Medical Tourism

There are health care options beyond the borders of the United States. Individuals who travel abroad for medical treatment have some very specific accident and disability insurance needs. Most of them use facilitators to arrange and handle the many details related to travel, health care facilities, recovery, and any needed rehabilitation. These facilitators need liability coverage if their negligence in … Read More

Excess Malpractice and Professional Liability

Excess coverage for doctors, other professionals, hospitals, and businesses is available over primary coverage, self-insured plans, captive plans, and Joint Underwriting Associations (JUAs). A number of specialty carriers offer professional liability coverage on a straight excess basis over and above the primary limits that the underlying coverage provides. Coverage is written on a following form or a claims-made basis over … Read More

Emergency Medical Technicians E&O

Timely response by professional emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to their patients’ needs is the cornerstone of pre-hospital emergency care. Their professional liability exposures can be covered under a group policy that insures the emergency medical unit. The group policy can also cover ambulance services, fire departments, first-aid teams, and rescue squads. Professional liability coverage for EMT instructors/coordinators is also available.

Substandard Malpractice and Professional Liability

The Insurance Marketplace lists available markets for a number of specialty, unusual, or difficult-to-place malpractice and professional liability exposures. Because not every exposure and coverage need can be listed or anticipated, this classification is for any nonstandard and difficult-to-place malpractice and professional liability exposures not specifically listed.

Female Reproductive Services

Clinics that specialize in female health care may focus primarily on the female reproductive system. In doing so, they will provide a variety of exams, provide counseling in effective family planning, including birth control, and provide aids for increasing fertility. Some may also provide pharmaceutical and/or surgical abortions.

Kidney Dialysis Centers

Coverage applies to general liability and professional liability for centers that provide dialysis services to patients with diseased kidneys. This coverage is limited to centers that provide only outpatient services.

Managed Care E&O

Managed care operations attempt to balance a patient’s health care needs with the cost to provide services. This is not a health care professional liability policy. It is an administrative failure policy and includes errors and omissions made through the managed care facility. It may also provide directors and officers liability coverage.

Medical/Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Medical/physical rehabilitation professionals help people attain physical, mental, social, and vocational independence. Rehabilitation services include case management, residential visits, physical, speech and vocational therapy, recreational activities, and clinical and medical evaluations. The services can be short- or long- term and are based on the specific needs, the treatment plan, and how the individuals respond to the therapies.