Motorcycle Dealers

Insurance on motorcycle dealers is usually written on modified auto dealers liability forms specifically adapted to motorcycle dealers. One coverage includes premises liability for sales operations in connection with service and repair of customers’ motorcycles and motor scooters. Another covers motorcycles of customers while in the dealer’s shop for repair, similar to garagekeepers legal liability coverage. A dealers supplemental physical … Read More

Hot Air Balloons (Liability and Physical Damage)

Recreational enthusiasts and companies use hot air balloons to provide rides for their customers. Some hot air balloons are used for advertising. Coverage is available for physical damage to the balloon and liability for damage to the property of others.

Automobile Insurance Plans Excess Liability

This is excess bodily injury and property damage liability limits over the basic automobile liability insurance coverage limits provided by the Automobile Insurance Plans (AIPs) in various states. Optional medical expense coverage and uninsured motorists coverage is also available. The premium charged is based on the primary policy premium.

Automobile Nonstandard Physical Damage

Motorists who cannot find comprehensive and collision insurance coverages with standard markets at regular rates must obtain them through specialty markets at surcharged rates. The same companies that offer nonstandard liability coverage usually also offer physical damage coverage. Physical damage coverage on high-powered sports cars, automobiles equipped for racing, specially equipped automobiles, and automobiles with fiberglass bodies is especially hard … Read More

Mobile Home Dealers–Physical Damage and Liability

Mobile home dealers are similar to auto dealerships because they need coverage on their stock of unsold mobile homes on their lots. An open lot dealers physical damage coverage form or policy can be used to provide such coverage. These forms can also be used to cover mobile homes, travel trailers, and other types of recreational vehicles the dealership sells. … Read More

Coal Trucks Physical Damage

This class of commercial automobile business is especially difficult to place because these trucks are large, very heavy, and travel on narrow, unimproved, and winding roads in difficult terrain.

Dump Trucks (Liability and Physical Damage)

Physical damage and liability coverages for commercial trucking companies or independent owners of dump trucks used to haul sand, stone, aggregate, coal, and refuse are often difficult to place. The loss potential increases when the vehicles are not kept in good repair and/or are used on narrow winding roads with steep inclines. Vehicles are rated according to use, size, distance … Read More

Automobile Leasing Contingent Physical Damage

Automobile leasing companies require that lessees provide physical damage coverage on the leased vehicles. The leasing company purchases this coverage to protect its own interests when the lessee does not purchase the required coverage.

Automobile Physical Damage (Kits/Replicas/Custom Cars)

Auto physical damage insurance is available for cars built by their owners or by others on the owner’s behalf. Some of these are “replicars,” replicas of antique and classic autos constructed from kits. These vehicles have high physical damage values and substantial deductibles may be required.

Automobiles – Sport and High Performance Cars

Automobile manufacturers design some very sophisticated and high-powered automobiles for sale to customers who use them for everyday driving and transportation and possibly weekend racing. At one time most road racing or drag racing enthusiasts custom-built their own performance cars from stock models using custom racing equipment. These drivers were also usually very experienced racing enthusiasts and knew how to … Read More