Law Enforcement Officers Liability

Law enforcement officer or police professional liability coverage forms or policies provide broad coverage to law enforcement agencies and their individual law enforcement officers. They cover the law enforcement agency of any political subdivision named as the insured, along with all paid full-time and part-time individual law enforcement officers. This coverage insures against third-party suits or claims for bodily injury … Read More

Forestry or Foresters E&O

This insurance coverage is available to employed and consulting foresters who manage forest areas and nature preserves. It applies to damage caused by such activities as controlled burns, timber cruising, setting boundary lines, and wildlife management.

Social Workers and Welfare Workers E&O

This insurance covers the liability of social workers and welfare workers while engaged in professional services for social agencies and welfare agencies. This coverage is often written in the name of the agency itself and applies to employed, qualified social and welfare workers who work for the agency.

Mental Health Clinics Professional Liability

Mental health clinics provide a variety of services for adults, adolescents, and children who may be referred by a family doctor, school officials, social workers, counselors, or law enforcement officers. These centers provide individual and group counseling, medication, and day care programs. Short-term inpatient services may be provided for persons who receive treatment. Staff consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, … Read More

Personal Trainers Professional Liability

People hire personal trainers to supervise their physical training and fitness exercises. Trainers may also arrange special diets and nutritional supplements for their clients. Professional liability insurance covers the trainer’s acts of negligence or omissions in setting up a fitness program or in supervising training.

Medical Personnel Service Agencies Professional Liability

Liability insurance has been adapted specifically for medical personnel service agencies. Coverage includes commercial general liability and professional liability. Agencies eligible for coverage include nurses’ registries, home health-aid services, and state or city visiting nurse associations. It covers physiotherapists, dental assistants, pharmacists, LPNs, and RNs. It can also include medical personnel such as ambulance attendants, chiropractors, emergency medical technicians, nurse … Read More

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders

Customs brokers and freight forwarders work with importers to ensure that their commodity shipments clear customs according to government guidelines and regulations. Customs brokers manage the paperwork on the import from the time it arrives at the port of entry. They also act as freight forwarders to deliver goods to the customer’s inland location, regardless of the distance. Customs brokers … Read More

Marine–related Professional Liability and E&O Coverage

Businesses that design yachts, pleasure craft, and commercial vessels, as well as marine surveyors, port and harbor managers, and other miscellaneous marine-related risks all have professional and/or errors and omissions liability exposures.

Associations Professional Liability

This insurance covers nonprofit associations professional liability exposures. The policy can include directors and officers liability that is designed specifically for nonprofit associations. The insuring agreement includes as named insureds all directors, officers, employees, committee chairpersons, and members, and any other association member while acting on the association’s behalf.

Timeshare/Interval Ownership Operations

Timeshare/interval ownership management companies need coverage similar to that provided to condominium associations. Nonprofit companies that are established to protect the assets of the individuals who collectively own timeshare units need the same coverage. Insurance protection for eligible risks is available for commercial property, liability, automobile, crime, inland marine, equipment breakdown, electronic data processing equipment, guest property, directors and officers … Read More