Short Line or Tourist Railroad Packages

Specialty insurance markets have developed a special package policy of liability coverages for short line and tourist passenger and freight railroads Coverage includes bodily injury and property damage liability for members of the public; liability for damage to foreign (non-owned) rolling stock; and cargo legal liability insurance. Insurance is also available for employee injuries covered under the Federal Employers Liability … Read More

Locomotive Repair

Locomotives are powerful machines that pull railroad cars on tracks. They operate in many different areas and in varied terrain. They can be for freight use only or for passenger use, either short run or long run. Repairing locomotives is an important part of the safety of the entire railroad. Operations that repair locomotives have significant exposures because of the … Read More

Railroad Property and Liability Coverages

There are many different types of railroad exposures, including short line, regional, light transit, national, and others. Lloyd’s of London or other insurers with underwriting units that specialize in the railroad business usually write property coverage on railroad rolling stock and other railroad property. Federal Employers Liability Act (F.E.L.A.) coverage is needed to cover work-related injuries to all railroad employees … Read More

Railroad Protective Liability

This coverage provides protective liability coverage for railroad owners from the vicarious acts of contractors or subcontractors that work under contract for them or on their behalf. It covers claims for bodily injury or property damage and for physical damage to certain railroad-related property that arise out of operations the designated contractor performs. The contractor or subcontractor that does the … Read More