Products Recall Expense Insurance

This is a form of extra expense coverage instead of legal liability coverage. Coverage applies to measurable expenses involved in withdrawing the product, including cost of communications, shipping charges, radio and television announcements, newspaper advertisements, costs of hiring additional personnel, paying overtime to regular employees, and costs to destroy the product, if necessary. This coverage applies to only those expenses … Read More

Auction Houses

Auction houses are considered nonstandard fire risks due to factors such as poor water supply, distance from a public or volunteer fire department, poor housekeeping, and often below-average building construction. Establishing appropriate insurance to value on consigned personal property for which an auction house may be legally liable is often difficult and limits the number of markets available to provide … Read More


Pawnshops are considered financial institutions that provide secured loans for their clients. When the client does not satisfy the secured loan, the collateral becomes the property of the pawnshop, which then sells the items. Many pawnshops also purchase used property from customers and sell it in the store. Property coverage available is on an “all risks” basis, including the transit … Read More

Coin–Operated Dry Cleaners and Laundries

Coin-operated dry cleaning and laundry businesses present unique property and liability insurance hazards that are unacceptable to many standard carriers. Property loss potential due to fire and explosion from flammable dry cleaning solvents and from vandalism, malicious mischief, and/or theft in unattended or under-attended locations are underwriting issues most carriers try to avoid. Liability hazards can arise from faulty and … Read More

E-cigarette Stores

E-cigarette stores and vape shops sell battery-operated devices called electronic cigarettes or vaporizer cigarettes, which are used to simulate the experience of smoking. The vaporized emissions are believed to have fewer toxic components than the smoke generated by traditional cigarettes. While they are are generally unregulated at this time, the FDA has proposed that its authority be extended to cover … Read More

Tanning Salons Liability

Commercial general and professional liability insurance designed for the exposures faced by tanning salons is available. Other coverages are also available, such as products liability coverage for preparations and lotions the insured sells.: