Trip Cancellation Insurance (TCI)

This is a special form of accident and health insurance. It reimburses individual insureds for their prepaid travel costs if they cannot take the trip because of a covered accident or sickness. Coverage also applies if the insured cannot make a scheduled return flight due to being disabled in a distant place. In these cases, this insurance reimburses the insured … Read More

Tour Operators E&O

Tour operators are expected to handle all travel details without error and in a professional manner. This coverage insures the operator when errors and omissions occur and claims for damages are made.

Travel Agents E&O

This coverage insures the insured travel agent against claims for damage that arise from alleged negligent acts, errors, and omissions committed by the insured or by others for whom the insured is legally liable. It usually extends to employees, tour guides, and tour directors who are under contract with the insured. The coverage territory is worldwide for accidents or occurrences … Read More

Medical Tourism

There are health care options beyond the borders of the United States. Individuals who travel abroad for medical treatment have some very specific accident and disability insurance needs. Most of them use facilitators to arrange and handle the many details related to travel, health care facilities, recovery, and any needed rehabilitation. These facilitators need liability coverage if their negligence in … Read More

American Expatriates

United States workers on foreign assignments need property insurance coverage to protect their personal property from loss or damage. They also need liability insurance coverage to protect them against claims and/or suits due to allegations of injuries. This blanket coverage is available to corporations with multiple expatriate exposures. The master policy is issued to the corporation and certificates are provided … Read More

Business Travel Accident

This is travel protection insurance for business executives, and employees. Full- and part-time employees and volunteers who work for nonprofit groups can also be covered. The three classes of coverage available are (1) travel in both the United States and overseas; (2) travel within North America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean; and (3) errands and minimal … Read More

Global Medical Insurance

Accident/medical/sickness coverage for diplomats and world travelers can be purchased by foreign nationals visiting the U.S. and U.S. citizens who travel abroad. It is long-term coverage for individuals who do not have adequate coverage from an insurer in their home country. Several different accident and sickness plans are available. Each has its own deductible and coinsurance conditions. Each automatically includes … Read More