Vacation Weather Cancellation Insurance

Resorts, hotels, motels, inns, and convention bureaus may purchase insurance to reimburse their guests if bad weather interferes with them enjoying their vacation. It may also be used as an inducement to attract more vacationers to a particular hotel or resort. These facilities may offer their guests cash, credit or refunds to be used for hotel or resort services. Coverage … Read More

Windstorm (Monoline) Coverage

Residential and commercial properties on beachfronts and low-lying areas in coastal areas are highly susceptible to damage from heavy winds and high tides. Many standard markets exclude wind coverage from the policies they issue in such areas. A variety of cooperative programs are available through the affected states but the dollar amount is limited. Excess and surplus carriers can provide … Read More

Weather Insurance

Weather insurance is designed to protect the insured sponsor of an outside event or a manufacturer that designs a product whose promotion depends on a weather-related risk. This coverage is especially useful in three situations: (1) cancellation of events, such as outdoor concerts, civic and fraternal outdoor events, carnivals, lawn parties, outdoor weddings and receptions, parades, and sporting events; (2) … Read More