The chemistry students at your institution weren’t usually prone to pranks.  That could be why this one went so wrong.  Apparently several of them had gotten into an argument over stoichiometric values in the thermite equation.  In order to disprove his opponent, one of the students had attempted to melt the other’s dorm room doorknob by starting a thermite reaction atop it.  The reaction didn’t stop with the doorknob, however, and soon took on a life of its own. 

The dorm room’s smoke alarm had been covered to facilitate clandestine chemistry experiments, and the room itself apparently boasted considerable stores of oxidizers and gas to fuel Bunsen burners.  As a result, the door, the adjacent rooms, and a good portion of the hall had become engulfed in flames before the retrofit suppression systems could manage to kick in. 

The summer residents were evacuated with only minor injuries, but the areas and student belongings that weren’t damaged by the fire were nonetheless ruined by the local fire department and hazmat response.  Looks like next semester’s dorm income just moved off campus. 

But you’re not worried about making the grade.  Pop quizzes are a part of campus life, and your student housing policy will help you pass this test with flying colors.   

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