Healthcare & Wellness

insurance coverages for products, professionals, facilities, devices & equipment, clinics, centers & services

Our independent agencies are here to help you navigate the world of healthcare related coverages from professional liability to facilities and equipment and everything in between. Contact one near you to receive superior services and the best possible rates.

medical professionals

Anesthetists Professional Liability; Medical Personnel Service Agencies Professional Liability; Medical / Physical Rehabilitation Therapy; Nurse Practitioners; Nurses Professional Liability; Ophthalmologists Professional Liability; Opticians Professional Liability; Osteopaths Professional Liability; Paramedics Professional Liability; Physicians Professional Liability; Prosthetic and Orthotic Patient Care Errors and Omissions; Psychiatrists Professional Liability; Psychologists Professional Liability; Radiologists Professional Liability; Surgeons Professional Liability.

allied health professionals

Acupuncture Specialists Liability; Audiologist / Hearing Aid; Chiropractors Professional Liability; Dietitians and Nutritionists Professional Liability; Emergency Medical Techs; Industrial Hygienists; Massage Therapists Professional Liability; Mental Health Professionals - Clinical Psychologists; Clinical Social Workers; Licensed Professional Counselors; Marriage and Family Therapists; Psychiatric Nurses; Midwives; Morticians Professional Liability; Optometrists Professional Liability; Pharmacists Professional Liability; Physicians Assistants Professional Liability; Physiotherapists Professional Liability; Podiatrists Professional Liability; Public Health Professionals.

healthcare facilities and services insurance

centers & clinics

Addiction Treatment Programs – Outpatient; Addiction Treatment Programs - Residential; Ambulatory Surgical Centers; Birth Centers; Emergency Care Centers; Female Reproductive Services Centers; Hospitals and Clinics; Kidney Dialysis Centers; Medical Billing Services; Medical Diagnostic Centers; Medical Marijuana Distribution Centers; Mental Health Clinics; Outpatient Clinics; Physical Rehabilitation Centers; Urgent Care Centers.

dental professionals insurance

dental professionals

General Dentistry; Dental Hygienists Professional Liability; Dentists Professional Liability; Dental Public Health; Endodontics; Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology; Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Orthodontics; Pediatric Dentistry; Periodontics; Prosthodontics.

medical device insurance

Devices, Equipment & Products

Biotechnology; Durable Medical Equipment Distributing; Durable Medical Equipment Manufacturing; Durable Medical Equipment Rental; Health Food Products; Medical Device Distributing; Medical Device Manufacturing; Medical Marijuana Crop Insurance; Medical Technology & Life Science Manufacturers; Nutriceuticals.

healthcare facilities and services insurance

facilities & services

Ambulance Services/Medical Transportation; Assisted Living Facilities; Blood Banks; Clinical Laboratories; Developmental Disabilities Facilities; Home Health Care Services; Hospice Care Facilities and Services; Medical and Radiology Laboratories; Medical Transcription Services; Medi-Spas / Health Spas; Nursing Homes; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Sperm Banks.