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Harley LeBron’s tattoo session has you on pins and needles.  The mixed martial arts contender is known for his short fuse. There’s no telling what might spark it on a good day.  And he lost last night’s match at the local casino.  The front door of your tattoo parlor barely survived his entrance this morning.  Apparently he decided over breakfast that a menacing tattoo across his chest might help improve his odds at next month’s cage match. 

As he grits his teeth and crushes the arms of your tattoo chair it’s difficult to concentrate on your work.  His insistence on an impromptu tattoo didn’t give you any time to design, and you hope he doesn’t perceive you shake as you freehand his design “judgement is near.”  Or wait, is it “judgment”?  You blot your work and stare at the offending “e”.  Somehow it doesn’t look right now that it’s permanently emblazoned on his pectoral muscle.  Will he notice?  Is the handwriting on the wall?  You begin to wonder if that pectoral might be the last thing you ever see. 

Well, if he does know how to spell, you have your professional liability policy to help you pack your own punch.

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