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Your hole-in-one tournament is no Masters, but that doesn’t mean you conduct it with any less formality.  Accordingly, you’ve spent the day revoking badges for walking too quickly, confiscating over-sized folding stools and cameras.  Everything is perfectly dignified.  Even several deer down near the green seem to hold their breath with anticipation as crowd favorite Izzy Lazoya tees up on the 17th hole.  

There’s a rustle in the rough, and too late you realize why the deer were so still.  A crocodile of legendary proportions saunters out onto the fairway only feet from golfers in a cart and hushed fans on bleachers.  Izzy takes his swing.  The fans take to their heels, up-ending the bleachers.  The cart’s driver takes evasive maneuvers.  Right through a concessions tent and into a tree.  The tent becomes unmoored, catches a breeze and sails across the course. 

Izzy’s ball bounces off the tent, then the croc, for a spectacular hole in one.   The spectators who haven’t fled cheer wildly despite your shushing.  It might have made for a viral video.  If you hadn’t banned all of the cameras.   

Thanks to the fairway croc, your tournament now lies well in the rough.  Did your liability waiver account for wildlife?  Luckily you’ve got your  hole-in-one and sports and rec policies to help get you back on par.

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Amateur Athletic Programs (Colleges and Clubs); Archery Clubs; Hunting and Fishing Clubs; Recreational Clubs and Associations Liability; Golf Associations and Clubs; Riding Academies / Hunt Clubs; Summer Recreational Activities; Professional Athletes; Umpire and Referee Associations; Youth and/or Adult Sports Teams / Leagues - Accidental Death and Disability; Class A Sports (age 20+); Class B (Low Risk for Brain Injury) Organizations; Class C (High Risk for Brain Injury) Organizations; Cheerleading / Drill / Dance Teams; Sports Interruption Insurance; D & O Liability; General Liability.

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Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer Fields; Bowling Centers; Basketball / Racquetball / Squash Courts; Bicycle Dealers; Billiards Facilities; Bingo Halls; Boxing / Wrestling Facilities; Camps and Clinics; Campground Owner’s Liability; Country Clubs; Equipment Rental – Sports and Rec; Equipment Sales – Sports and Rec; Golf Driving Range; Golf Courses; Gymnasium Facilities; Health and Exercise Facilities; Health and Fitness Centers; Indoor Rock Climbing; Martial Arts Facilities; Miniature Golf; Paintball Fields & Facilities; Personal Trainers / Health Fitness Instructors; Racquetball Facility; Roller / Ice Skating Rink; Shooting Range Liability (Skeet and Trap); Skateboard Park; Swimming/Diving Facilities; Trampoline Park; Video Arcade; Water Amusement Park; Water Ski Facilities; Winter Sports Facilities.



Sports and recreation activities, including athletic events, athletes themselves and sports organizers all face unique exposures and risks. Sadler Sports and Recreation Company, a well-known provider and trusted resource in the sports and recreation insurance market, shares helpful information that can make a difference to those involved with sports and recreation programs, personnel and facilities.