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The misty morning yielded to the shining sun in Port Antonio, Jamaica.  The docks smell delightfully of salt water and jerk spices as you and your partner point your boat towards open waters for your client’s parasailing adventure.  There’s not a cloud in the sky, but the gusts have been picking up and the waves are now capped in white. 

Near Boston Beach, you get your client in the harness and up in the air accompanied by her whoops of delight.  You’re in the middle of a turn when a manatee lazily breaches the water in front of you.  You cut hard to starboard in an evasive maneuver only to be broadsided by one of the bigger waves. 

Your boat partially capsizes, and you find yourself in the water getting kisses from a grateful manatee.  This is no time for affection, however. The parasail tether cable severed as the boat rocked.  The two of you right your craft just in time to spy her riding high on the wind.  On one hand, the gusts are keeping her from falling rapidly.  On the other hand, only time will tell how long she might be aloft or how far she might drift on the breeze. 

As you give chase, you wonder whether she has a parasailing rider on her travel policy.  If not, you give thanks and praises that your policy will help tie up loose ends.

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