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For the last week your buddy has relentlessly poked that his new Yamaha Grizzly would maul your Textron Alterra off the line.  And true to his claims, he’s managed to keep you in the dust all day as you tear down your usual trails.  And then you see it through the trees.  Your field of dreams.  Perfectly flat.  Expansive.  Not an obstacle in sight.  It’s time to open some throttles and settle this thing head to head. 

Several hours of racing later, you’re in the lead and glance back to revel in your friend’s defeat.  Looking towards the finish line, in your path stands an angry man.  He wasn’t there a minute ago and he’s sporting a firmly rooted stance.  You skid to a stop.  Your friend skids into you.  As the clouds of dust and smoke lift, it becomes clear that what has been your racetrack this afternoon is usually this man’s sod farm. 

Luckily you’ve got an ATV policy that will help get your ride and his crop back on track.

Our independent agencies are here to help you navigate the world of specialty vehicle coverages from classic cars to choppers and travel trailers, and everything in between.

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Cars-personal lines

Antique and Classic Automobile; Automobile Excess Liability; Automobile Insurance Plans Excess Liability; Automobile Insurance Plans Physical Damage; Automobile Leasing Contingent Liability; Automobile Leasing Contingent Physical Damage; Automobile Nonstandard Liability; Automobile Nonstandard Physical Damage; Automobile Physical Damage (Kits/Replicas/Custom Cars); Automobiles – Sport and High Performance Cars; Electric/Hybrid Vehicles; Non-owner car insurance.

business & professional

Auto Dismantlers / Auto Recyclers; Auto Salvage Yards; Auto Service Centers; Automatic Car Wash Services; Automobile Repossessors Liability; Bus Conversions; Charter Buses; Garagekeepers Legal Liability; Garage Liability–Repair and Service Operations; Locomotive Repair; Motorcycle Custom Manufacturing and Fabricating; Quick Lubes; Rideshare Auto Insurance; Taxicabs; Tire Retreaders; Vanpool Operators.

other vehicles, services, & racing

All–Terrain Vehicles; Buses; Campers and Camper Vans; Customized Vans; Dirt Bikes; Drag Strip Liability (Spectators); Dump Trucks (Liability and Physical Damage); Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV); Kart (Go–Kart) Liability; Automobile and Snowmobile Racing Liability (Spectator); Motor Homes; Motor Scooter and Moped Rental Insurance; Motor Sports Liability; Motorcycle Insurance; Race Car Drivers  (AD&D Coverage); Racetracks–Vehicles; Snowmobiles; Travel Trailers and Campers.


Automobile and Truck Rental – Daily; Automobile Dealers; Commercial Autos–Miscellaneous and Special Purpose; Driveaway Collision Coverage; Driving Schools; Limousine Services; Motor Home Rentals; Motor Home/Travel Trailers (Commercial Use); Motor Truck Cargo Insurance; Motorcycle Dealers; Motorcycle Rental Insurance; Recreational Vehicle Dealers; Snowmobiles (Commercial and Rental); Travel Trailer Rentals Insurance; Used Car Dealers Insurance;